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Join the movement of next generation city builders who pursue purpose driven, socially responsible projects!  I am Andrew Garrett, Founder of WeBuild, a commercial real estate development executive with experience building mixed use developments across Canada.  WeBuild is an entrepreneurial incubator that helps early career real estate professionals become future real estate developers, so they can join a firm or build a development team to pursue purpose driven projects. 

Three years ago, WeBuild started as a single training course, and has now evolved to a platform that places young leaders in the centre of City Building.  We offer you training, consulting, and volunteer work experience opportunities to help you become the next generation of socially responsible city builders.  We focus on developing shared live, work, and play projects that better serve communities and help you gain core developer skills that may be outside your primary area of experience.

Over a 20 year career, I have gone from dishwasher to director of real estate development.  Early in my career I lacked industry connections or access to entrepreneurs.  So I want to help those who started like me, find ways to break into the commercial real estate industry.  Once you are in, we want to help you build life long networks with like minded people, who can help you startup your passion real estate development project.

WeBuild became a Certified B Corporation to join a movement of companies that have verifiable social impact, especially in their approach to civic engagement, charitable giving, supplier inclusion, and governance.