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Are you social impact organization the needs to relocate or renovate?  WeBuild is an entrepreneurial incubator that creates social purpose real estate projects!  I am Andrew Garrett, Founder of WeBuild, a commercial real estate development executive with experience building mixed use developments across Canada.  

Due to soaring real estate prices in mega-cities, it is increasingly difficult for social innovators, those providing valuable community outreach programs critical to the social fabric of the city to find spaces to work, serve, and connect. Whether you need to create a real estate plan, renovate, relocate, or redevelop. If you need a project manager to consolidate your space or expand with satellite locations, WeBuild will be your trusted partner.

WePlan —> WeDesign —>WeFund —> WeBuild !!

We are a two pronged social enterprise built to find you space solutions. Firstly, WeBuild provides Non-profits with consulting and project management services to renovate, relocate, or redevelop their office & program outreach space.  Secondly,  to supplement WeBuild’s team of consulting real estate experts, we offer online training and volunteer work experience opportunities to students & early career professionals aspiring to be the next generation of purpose driven real estate developers.  

Over a 20 year career, I have gone from dishwasher to director of real estate development at a multi-billion dollar firm.  I have seen great spaces drive greater impact in the private sector, with more collaboration, healthier environment, and increased cost effectiveness. So, it is time for those social innovators providing great community benefits to leverage better space too.

WeBuild was formed as a B Corp certified social enterprise to join a movement of companies that demonstrates social impact, especially in their approach to civic engagement, charitable giving, supplier inclusion, and governance.