Think Twice Before Becoming a Developer

Dream Big. Smart small. But most of all start.
— Simon Sinek

Many people dream of revitalizing a community with a new state of the art real estate development. They picture themselves building the perfect solution to the Cities' problems. Creating the right balance of design, quality, and utility. The hard truth is most of us just are not ready to lead a real estate development ... yet.

I recently attended a master class in film-making held by acclaimed directors, and producers Sudz Sutherland & Jennifer Holness, founders of Hungry Eyes Entertainment. They said most aspiring filmmakers fail to launch because they focus on big feature film-making. They dream of having their art on the big screen, viewed by millions of adoring fans. 

But have they honed their screenwriting craft? Dealt with logistics? Built a loyal following? Tried different filming techniques? The best route to taking on a big feature film, is to first practice your art with short films. The short film process allows you space to build your team, explore various techniques, and learn by trail and error.  

Dreaming of building the perfect development in your first project can expose you to years of investment in time and millions of dollars being put at risk (investors plus your personal stake).  Just like a short film project, in real estate development, you can seek to hone your skills by first building a smaller project.  Better yet, you can volunteer part-time to help others with their real estate projects. Learning which bankers, brokers, architects, and other professionals you can work with best. Eventually earning credibility with the local community.

Think twice, but don't get stuck there, get started!

Andrew Garrett