Break into the right commercial real estate path!

Break into the right commercial real estate path!

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Do you have a passion for commercial real estate, but don't know where you could best leverage your talent?  To create a more sustainable & equitable world with your skills? Are you unsure of what employer expectations are and how to show you have critical skills?  Are you overwhelmed with the number of associations, networking events, & skills workshops?  This 4 week pilot program is available for sale at $397:

  • Design multiple career paths to explore best fit. 
  • Differentiate between industry employers. 
  • Differentiate yourself from peers. Build a strategy to build your network & skills while avoiding events & certifications that would waste your time and money

This is a pilot course, so it is offered at a discount before the full course is launched.  The full course in 2018 will be $497.  All sessions will be offered through video conference for maximum interactivity and they are also recorded so participants can catch up if they miss a session.

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March 5:  Lesson One - [Overview] -  Break into the right path for you!

- Andrew's path from dishwasher to consultant to developer

- Explore 3 core career paths: Developer, Investor, & Asset Manager

- Differentiating Employers: small firm vs. big firm. Residential vs. non-residential. Public REITs vs. Private firms.

-Differentiating yourself with an effective networking & skills acquisition strategy


March 12:  Lesson Two - [Design your Path]

-Create three alternate paths

-Prototype paths

-Key considerations: Large vs. Small firms. Residential v. Non-residential.  Public REITS vs Private firms


March 19:  Lesson Three- [Differentiating Industry Players]

-Structural overview of public, private, debt, and equity real estate industry participants
-Industry jargon & searching the for Canadian & US market for opportunities


March 26:  Lesson Four- [Resources for Networking & Technical Skills]

-Finding job opportunities & volunteer opportunities

-Further training opportunities & designations

-Overview of industry associations & conferences


Bonus Instructor time- [Office hours support]

-1-on-1 Coaching call for Q & A - 30 minutes

-Individual feedback on submitted assignments

- Option to stay in touch via phone for 6 months of follow up